Tiredness a sign of early pregnancy

10 REAL Signs Of Early Pregnancy

I found out I am pregnant today. It’s super-early, so I am a bit nervous about publishing this post, and I haven’t even told my mum yet (I’m doing that over dinner tomorrow, fyi)! I’ve written this post for those – like me – who find it very hard not to overthink situations, and tend to hang around, googling *feeling sick sign of early pregnancy* a few days after ovulation, and an ovulation calendar is your most visited bookmark.

You know all about the traditional signs of pregnancy… a missed period (you don’t say…), a positive pregnancy test, sickness? But what about if it’s a few days before you’re due your period, and your mind is running away with you? Here are some of the more unusual early pregnancy signs that I have experienced with all three of my pregnancies:

1. Feeling Cold

Not happy unless you’re under three blankets, 4 layers of clothing and next to a radiator? This was me, shivering away, even with the heating on full blast. Here is a good article about the causes of feeling cold in early pregnancy.

Feeling cold is a sign of early pregnancy

2. Feeling Weak, Fatigued & Lightheaded

For the last week, I have been walking around, huffing and puffing, getting out of breath walking up hills, and generally feeling really unfit for no apparent reason (except I was pregnant, and I didn’t realise). Picking my kids up was giving me headrush, and my bed has been a mirage 24/7. Here are some ways to combat pregnancy fatigue.

Tiredness a sign of early pregnancy

3. Lower Back Pain

This one is easily mistaken for period symptoms, but this is a sure-fire sign for me that ‘things’ are happening! Read more about pregnancy aches and pains.

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Lower back pain sign of pregnancy

4. Spotting

Last Sunday (8 days after conception, 4 days before a positive digital pregnancy test) I thought I had come on my period. I had a flash of bright pink/red blood. I reached for my tampax and added ibruprofen onto my online shop for the next day, thinking I’ll be doubled over in pain soon. On inspecting my tampon (sorry, TMI) a few hours later, there was only a tiny bit of brown blood. And the next day (Monday), one was completely clean. This is when I started to wonder…. hmm where did my period go?! Then I wondered….was that implantation bleeding?! Then I turned into the google fiend I mentioned above, and became a crazy person until I took a test today – the day I thought my actual period was supposed to arrive, and 12 days after conception.

Spotting sign of implantation

5. Sore Throat

I remember this when I was pregnant (and didn’t know) with my daughter. I suddenly developed a sore throat, which I thought was a bit odd. Drinking gallons of water didn’t help it at all, and this is what a Baby Centre community member had to say about it…

The increased fluids in pregnancy plus nasal congestion can cause an almost “post nasal drip” like feeling which can be like a sore throat. Also in early pregnancy your immune system can be lowered so it’s easier for us to catch colds. Our immune systems lower so we don’t fight off the embryo as an invader.

Sore throat sign of pregnancy

6. Feeling Queasy

I’ve been getting the odd wave of nausea the last few days, and I had the exact same thing when expecting my daughter. Morning sickness is usually part and parcel of pregnancy, but I was quite surprised to be feeling sick so early. I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed it’s mild morning sickness on my cards, and not anything crippling!

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Nausea a sign of pregnancy

7. Headaches

Oh, so that was why I have been experiencing an aching head most days for the last week or so. Hormones have a lot to answer for, according to the NHS website.

Headache during pregnancy

8. Cramping

A new baby nestling into his or her home for the next few months can cause a bit of light cramping.  Learn more about early pregnancy cramping, and when to seek medical advice.

Cramping - sign of early pregnancy

9. Dry Or Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

This is a sure-fire signal for me. A metal mouth, as I like to call it, makes things taste odd, and your mouth can also feel quite dry, however hydrated you are. Not knowing I was pregnant, I had a little glass of red wine to take the edge off a crazy day with my two kids, and to my dismay, it tasted horrible!

Here’s what Huggies have to say about Dysgeusia (the posher way of saying “metal mouth”):

Dysgeusia is most commonly due to pregnancy hormones, especially oestrogen. This is one of the female hormones which is particularly high during pregnancy. This hormone normally plays an important role in our perception of taste, food cravings and general enjoyment of food. Because the level of oestrogen varies so much during pregnancy, the sense of taste can change along with it. This is why the taste of food when you’re pregnant can vary so much. One week something tastes delicious and the next, well, it’s something else entirely.

Metal dry mouth in early pregnancy

10. Some Things Smell Horrible All Of A Sudden

All of a sudden today, I thought the cafe I work next to was omitting horrible, burnt meat aromas. This hasn’t bothered me before, but my sense of smell has already heightened. Here are a few theories on why your sense of smell changes when you’re pregnant.

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Things smell weird in pregnancy

So, there you have it. If you’ve come here looking for early signs that you might pregnant, leave me a comment and let me know if any of my 10 signs ring any bells with you. Soon you’ll be able to take a pregnancy test and put your mind at ease. Good luck!

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