10 Truths Of A Football Mum

9 Truths Of Being A Badass Football Mum

Currently, my son’s favourite sport to play is football. The beautiful game! Come rain or shine, he’s there every Saturday morning at 9.30am running the length of the pitch over and over. He loves it, and so do I. I love watching his little face light up when I remind him he’s getting up for football and not school, and I love watching him get better and better each week. When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, his response is mostly “a footballer.”

10 Truths Of Being A Badass Football Mum

But what about us? The badass football mums who pay for training, who turn up week after week, who drag themselves out of bed instead of having a lie in after a hard week. Let’s face it, we know we could be doing something better with our time, like enjoying breakfast in bed, or Saturday morning TV, or a long soak in the bath, but we get up and show up because our kids love playing football. We know that’s more important than watching James Martin on Saturday Kitchen.

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10 Truths Of Being A Badass Football Mum

I’ve outlined a few truths of being a badass football mum – how many can you recognise?

Truth 1: Getting drenched by the rain week in, week out

A badass football mum has no quarms about standing in the rain, she actually finds it refreshing, and embraces the frizzy hair look.

Truth 2: Being dragged out of bed by an eager child on a Saturday or Sunday morning, when more than likely hungover or sleep deprived

A badass football mum enjoys the fresh air, and all the pacing the touchline does wonders for the figure.

Truth 3: Saying way too many times “put on something smart”, only to be met with a child in full football kit

Because at least their outfit matches!

Truth 4: Having to use obscene amounts of Vanish to remove stains in the kit

A badass football mum doesn’t worry about grass/mud/blood stains, they have the very best products on the market, and know all the stain removal tricks.

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Truth 5: Sitting in a mud covered car interior after a wet football training

A badass football mum knows that there WILL be mud, or those annoying black plastic bits from astro turf, so there are bin liners to sit on and baby wipes at hand.

Truth 6: A strong bladder is a must

No toilets? No worries! The bladder is fit to burst in a badass football mum.

Truth 7: Getting smacked in the face with a ball is a regular occurence

It stings, but it’s fine.

Truth 8: Voice loss happens

A badass football mum knows that her voice may take a temporary holiday on the regular, but she knows it will return ready for next week’s touchline pep-talks.

Truth 9: Belongings will get smashed when a football is being kicked in the house again

A badass football mum knows that practise makes perfect, and anyway, what’s a few champagne glasses when a premier footballer is in the making.

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How many of those truths can you recognise? Can you add your own?

These early morning weekend sessions are all worth it if our kids are decent, as they can repay us in cold hard cash when they’re earning a million £ a minute! Taxi Centre have released a great infographic about football’s most controversial and expensive sackings. Eye-watering amounts of money change hands over football hirings and sackings, it almost incomprehensible!


Football's most expensive and controversial sackings by Taxi Centre

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