My Children’s Top 5 Favourite Christmas Books

I  love reading Christmas books in the run up to Christmas. It’s the best way to get the children excited about the season, and to remind them that it’s not all about receiving toys and eating chocolate! The books I have chosen are my absolute favourites, and each one has its own, unique and lovely story.

1. One Noisy Night

My children's favourite christmas books

Written by: M Christina Butler

Illustrated by: Tina Macnaughton

RRP: £6.99

This is a very cute book, and the illustrations are lovely! Little Hedghog and his friends have a puzzle to solve – strange sounds coming from the woods. The book follows the mystery of the very noisy night, and the friends solving the puzzle. The added bonus of a textured page book makes this a lovely one for toddlers who like to explore with their hands.

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2. The Perfect Present

My children's favourite christmas books

Written by: Stella J Jones

Illustrated by: Caroline Pedlar

RRP: £6.99

The Perfect Present is a lovely tale about two bears who are the best of friends. It’s a tale about giving, receiving, and friendship, and it’s perfect for cosying up together in the run up to Christmas.

3. Santa To The Rescue

My children's favourite christmas books

Written by: Barry Timms

Illustrated by: Ag Jatkowska

RRP: £6.99

It’s Christmas Eve, and the bears are snowed in! The animals of Holly Tree Forest must work together to help Santa save the day. This is the perfect book for little ones who are excited about Christmas, and is illustrated beautifully.

4. We Are Family

My children's favourite christmas books

Written by: Ryan Wheatcroft

Illustrated by: Patricia Hegarty

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RRP: £7.99

Not strictly Christmas, but this wonderful book is released in early 2018, and is a great reminder that love conquers all. Spanning 24 hours in the lives of 8 families, the book documents their daily lives. It’s an absolutely beautiful book, which teaches children about diversity, acceptance and empathy.  It’s the perfect book to read at this time of year, when you’re feeling all warm and glowing inside about the festive season, and to remind your children that every family spends this time in their own way.

My children's favourite christmas books

It’s Christmas!

My children's favourite christmas books

Written by: Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by: Tim Warnes

RRP: £10.99

This lively, and vibrant book follows Archie’s ideas about making this Christmas the best EVER! We follow Archie as he haphazzardly bakes Christmas cookies, sleds confidently in the snow, and accidently knocks over the Christmas tree, but his cute little character is lovable and endearing. This is a lovely book to read before Christmas to get your little ones excited about the festive season.

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My children's favourite christmas books

What are your favourite books to read over the festive period? I always used to love the Jolly Postman  – putting the letters back in the pockets, and getting excited about what comes next.

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My children's favourite christmas books

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