Stomp School Book Review

A Perfect New Book For Raucous Little Monsters

A raucous cast of little monsters indulge in creativity and destruction so beloved of toddlers – The Bookseller

Stomp School Book Review

For children who love brightly coloured beasts, lots of mischievous activity, and a creative book layout, they need to get a copy of Stomp School by award-winning author, Jeff Norton.

Stomp School Book Review

Have you ever wondered what happens to the children of your favourite monsters from myth, legend and the big screen when they go out to work?

From Sherpa the thrill-seeking yeti to Draglo the dragon, Terry the day-dreaming pterodactyl and Rikki the sensitive but intrepid dinosaur, children and parents will be able to relate to the multitude of personalities demonstrated through these loveable little beasts! Find out what chaos they can generate on their first day at Stomp School…

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Stomp School Book Review

Illustrated by Leo Antolini, Stomp School is a fun, larger than life story that my little monster (Fin, 5 years old) loved. He especially loves the pages that had bits cut out, and the monsters of all shapes and sizes. Stomp School is new on the book market, published by Caterpillar Books, and is a must-have for any child who enjoys a lively story.

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