How to save thousands on your wedding budget

50 Brilliant Ways To Save Thousands On Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, but before you know it, the cost of staging the event can go up and up and get out of control.

Here are 50 brilliant ways to save money on your wedding:

1. Keep a modest guest list

Keep the guest list to just close family and friends; this is a key way to save money on the big day.

2. Have a daytime reception

Hiring venues in the daytime is much cheaper than having an evening party. Hiring a room at one of your favourite restaurants is a brilliant shout.

3. Bulk book

You should book hotel rooms in big groups in order to get the best available rates for your guests the night of your wedding.

4. Cut back on the freebies

Limit the free bar options to just beer and wine. It only starts to get really pricey when spirits get involved!

5. Hire a DJ instead of a band

It will be much cheaper and they will still play all of the wedding classics!

6. Get crafty

Do some DIY décor of your reception area. You’d be surprised how cheap materials can look expensive in the right setting.

7. Opt for a destination wedding.

It significantly cuts down the guest list and you’re already in situ for your honeymoon.

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

8. Go off peak

Choose a date in the calendar that is considered ‘off-peak’, like the time in between November and April, for example.

9. Consider a weekday wedding

Don’t get married on a Saturday.

10. Opt for the basic package

If you’re having a church wedding, forego the extras of bells and choirs.

11. Work with nature

Incorporate the natural surroundings of your wedding venue so that you don’t have to over do it with pricey decorations.

12. Take advantage of bulk discounts

Don’t go overboard with flowers; you don’t need lots of different kinds. Stick to a single theme and get bulk discounts.

13. Don’t bother hiring a wedding planner

If you can spare the time, you can get everything sorted without the high fees of a planner.

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

14. Think outside the box

There are plenty of lighting options that will make your reception look more luxurious and expensive than it actually is.

15. Go local

Employ the services of as many local vendors as you can who will probably give you a goodwill discount in return for some discreet advertising.

16. Get married in the resort that you are going to honeymoon

It means you won’t have to spend on flying to another destination.

17. Ditch the sit down dinner

Hire a food truck for dinner rather than a gourmet chef, it’s a cool, hipster style trend that is really taking off!

18. Try your best not to overindulge on unnecessary elements of the day

Stick to the core essentials and make them really elegant.

19. Choose gesture over lavish gifts

Rather than giving favours to your bridesmaids, make a small donation on their behalf to charity.

20. Consider buying a pre-owned engagement ring

You can bag some really amazing bargains if you look in the right places.

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

21. Keep the big picture in mind

Don’t get yourself in debt over just a single day in your lives!

22. Don’t bother with a traditional wedding cake

Go for a pile of delicious, delicate cupcakes instead.

23. Keep a buffer

Only plan to budget three quarters of the money that you actually want to spend, that way, you will be able to cover surprise costs.

24. Buy a wedding gown that can be converted in to a party dress

That way you don’t have to purchase two outfits for the day.

25. Haggle with your vendors

They are used to negotiating prices for big events so don’t let them off easy!

26. Look for venues that have in-house wedding planning teams

This will save you an extra external cost.

27. Keep your décor nice and simple

It both saves money and gives your wedding day an elegant look.

28. Do you own hair and makeup

After all, who knows how to put it on your own face better than you!?

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

29. Have a family dinner

Serve food at your tables family dinner style so you don’t have to spend money on big centrepieces.

30. Recoup some costs

Sell on your wedding reception décor and props after the big day; you won’t be needing them again!

31. Keep your bridal party very small

…or don’t even have one at all if you want to stay super cheap.

32. Avoid venues with ‘exclusive vendors’

It means that you will be stuck with ordering from potentially more expensive places.

33. Check out hospitality companies who offer special packages

Big hotel chains and pubs with restaurants have some very affordable deals.

34. Leave everything for the big day

Skip the bunch of pre-parties that usually accompany a wedding.

35. Send out e-vites rather than traditional mail invitations

It is 2018 after all!

36. If you insist on sending mail invites

…then keep the paper count down to a single page.

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

37. Ditch the diamonds

Make the most of the great cheap costume jewellery that you can get from various different places.

38. Read the small print

Always read the fine print before you sign a contract for a venue in case there are any hidden charges.

39. Be thrifty

Have a look around for all the different kinds of coupons that you can use for things related to your wedding day. Check out Groupon and Wowcher.

40. Rent an Airbnb place for your wedding night rather than an expensive hotel

You can get some really great places and rates!

41. Avoid admin charges

Pay in cash whenever you can to avoid admin charges.

42. Bundle it up

Buy a bundle package from your photographer that gives a set menu for photos rather than an a la carte style.

43. Borrow a garden!

If you know someone with a wonderful garden, then why not have the reception there?

How to save thousands on your wedding budget

44. Buy some diamonds at a pawn shop and create your own weddings rings

Massive savings!

45. Enlist talented pals

If you have a friend in a band, then get them to be the performers at the reception!

46. Look in to buying a second hand dress

The mark downs are incredible.

47. DIY

If you must have centrepieces, then do them DIY style to save a lot of cash.

48. Do a buffet for food

That way guests will feed themselves and you won’t have to pay for waiter service.

49. Shop around

For everything. Know the average price and use it as a benchmark. A great place to bulk-buy is Confetti‘s trusted wedding shop.

50. Have the right attitude

Prioritise and focus on the things that are most important to you. Do you need 7 bridesmaids or will 3 be just as good?

So there you have it, 50 brilliant tips for making your wedding day cheaper without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. If you need some more inspiration, check out these great articles:

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50 brilliant ways to save thousands on your wedding day

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